At INTELLISC, we understand that our talented professionals are responsible for our company’s success. We pride ourselves on fostering a creative work environment that meets the needs of our employees. We give our employees a solid foundation for future success by providing unlimited opportunities for continuous learning and ongoing professional development and personal growth. Each employee is a valued member of the IntelliSC Software family. Experience has taught us that when we demonstrate a full commitment to our employees’ satisfaction and well-being, they reciprocate with unparalleled dedication to our team and our clients.

We are proud to retain over 170+ professional software engineers at INTELLISC. We have sourced them from the most prestigious establishments. Their impressive engineering skills result in the delivery of powerful professional software solutions that are best suited for our clients’ needs. Our experienced management team and partners guide and support our engineers and their decisions throughout the development process.

Guidance and support is offered directly and through regular opportunities for professional development. All employees undergo a complete performance review in which we encourage two-way employee-supervisor feedback regarding performance and contributions to the INTELLISC Software team. The review system helps us to recognize and reward outstanding employees for the results they obtain.

We proudly present our staff who make it all happen.