Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic is a licensing traffic solution that provides 75+ licensing services to drivers and vehicle owners (individual and corporate). It began as a centralized solution that connects all traffic licensing service centers to a single database which compiles all existing traffic files for drivers and vehicle owners within one city. In the beginning, Smart Traffic managed face to face interactions between customers (i.e. drivers and vehicle owners) and service center agents in order to facilitate licensing services such as paying fines, renewing/replacing driving licenses, renewing/replacing vehicle registration cards, issuing 60+ types of certificates and facilitating distinguished plate numbers purchase for both individuals and traders.
What began as a centralized system soon offered the public accessibility to request their licensing services online. This allowed users to receive their end product (certificates, driving license, vehicle registration card or a plate number) through delivery (courier or registered mail) or through collection from a trusted agent, automated kiosk or a nearby service center.

This led to connecting the existing Smart Traffic System to a call center and an IVR system where users can call to request a service, give their traffic file number or simply create a new traffic file and process their requested transaction. Another way of access is through Smart Traffic online portal where the user (Individual or corporate) can login using his traffic file number or his agent ID and request a service.

There are two service channels that act as a service provider through Smart Traffic as well as a delivery/collection point. The first one is the automated kiosk that you can request a service from start to finish and receive the end product within maximum 10 minutes, or apply for the service online or via call center, receive a collection code and locate the nearest kiosk to submit the code and receive the end product directly.

Another service provider/collection point are trusted agents who are private sector entities connected to Smart Traffic System such as opticians, vehicle inspection centers, vehicle dealers, financial and insurance companies. Trusted agents offer their own services related to licensing such as an eye test or a car check and submit it directly to Smart Traffic, in addition to the ability to print out an end product that has already been processed through an online portal, IVR system or call center, or finally process the full transaction from start to finish for the requesting user.

Recently we have added access to Smart Traffic through mobile devices to provide more flexible access to licensing services, there are 15 services currently available through our app on smart phones/devices with the flexibility of receiving the end result delivered or collected. Our plan is to add the rest of Smart Traffic services gradually to our mobile app by the mid-2015.


Our platform is designed to connect your services to multiple service channels, product delivery channels and payment gateways to increase your services’ accessibility and differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing and exceptional experience to your users while adhering to your business standards. Providing a user centric service to your customers helps you reduce your face to face interaction and therefore reduce operational costs in addition to driving revenue and extending your business assets while guaranteeing growth, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We can turn your service list into a dynamic secure self- serviced and role based solution, we can help you achieve service delivery with the minimal amount of data entry, without the need for paper work and without your customers leaving their home.

Our solution is based on 3 major aspects: Your main operational site(s) connected to a back office scheduler that continuously updates your service/work load data and offers your services to your customer through service channels that fit your business whether it is a contact center, online portal, automated kiosks, mobile application or trusted agents, your customer can check available dates to request a service through any of the service channels you choose to integrate with.

Delivery methods like courier or registered mail or collection sites are then connected to your back office where your customer can locate his nearest collection site to receive his final requested service output.

Our platform enables your business to integrate with e-payment, m-payment,  GRP, content and documentation management, video conferencing, identity management, reporting, statistical, messaging and notification systems through enterprise/governmental information network and master data communication that also enables you to connect with individual / company information databases, GIS information database among other governmental infrastructure systems.


Our Smart Vehicles Inspection System is an extensive solution that connects with and manages the full process of any type of vehicle inspection in a facility while connecting it to a centralized system that connects all the vehicle inspection centers on a city or country level. Its main feature is to capture all vehicle testing related details to manage end to end vehicle compliance to road and transport policies in addition to providing reports for auditing purposes.

Our Smart Vehicles Inspection System functions in two main areas. The first area is managing the vehicle testing process in a testing center starting from configuring all the roles and the responsibilities on the system such as supervisors, inspectors (visual/automated), booth technicians and receptionists, assigning over 1000 defects and discrepancies to tests according to vehicle type and class, monitoring the full inspection cycle from scheduling a vehicle test, managing lanes according to availability and functionality, supervising and performing the vehicle test starting from the vehicle details’ submission, going through visual inspection then automatic inspection and finally generating test results, payments and certificates.

The full vehicle inspection is monitored through cameras with face recognition features in each lane and the feed is logged into the system. In case of accidents or fraud attempts, these inspection logs can be then retrieved for further investigation. Over 25 transactional, operational, financial among other reports can be provided through our Smart Vehicles Inspection System.

The second area is connecting to a centralized backend system that links all the available vehicle inspection centers in a city or a country that can also connect to an existing traffic licensing management system for data retrieval in case of renewing vehicle registration. It provides licensing authority inspectors the feasibility of conducting audits, performing scoring on vehicle inspection centers and enhancing control over vehicle testing processes within vehicle testing partners in the region. Therefore, access to the centralized inspection system is available online and on hand held devices to facilitate detailed monitoring of staff, sites and tested vehicles.


Due to the accelerated rates of smart phone owners worldwide, the dependency of using smart phones in enterprise related activities has increased immensely in the past five years. Therefore the uprising of delivering technology based on mobile computing and managing a vast array of mobile devices, operating systems and m-services became an emerging necessity within enterprises today. This led us to launch our mobility platform in 2014, to offer mobility solutions for businesses and public organizations that include enterprise mobility strategies while incorporating applications and managed services, offering credible, business ready connected products.

Delivering your services through our mobility platform helps in achieving a new growth, increasing services accessibility and efficiency to guarantee a successful transformation of your business. Similar to our multi channel e-services platform, our mobility platform enables your business to provide several delivery methods, m-payment gateways and geo-located collection points to support your services performance and agility.